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Corral Update: New Horses

As the Backcountry Wilderness Area horse operation expands, our corrals are home to three new horses.

The clip-clop of horse hooves is becoming more frequent at the Backcountry Outdoor Center Horse Corrals as the equine team recently welcomed three new horses to the year-round herd: Monty, Hamilton, and Dexter. These three new boys join the established group of Cinder, Spirit, Little Man, & Roscoe. Our seven resident steeds serve as the regulars for our horseback riding lessons (group and private), horsemanship classes, homeschool classes, and trail rides.

Let us introduce you to our new horses!


Monty is a 15-year-old Morgan. The words that come to mind when I think of Monty are: “Spicy” and “Sweet”. He only has two facial expressions (pictured). The Backcountry staff and riding students just adore him and all his silly quirks!



Hamilton (who we like to call “Ham”) is a 7-year-old “mutt”. We aren’t quite sure what breed he is, but if we had to guess, we would say he is half paint horse, half unicorn. He is enjoying his new life, especially as it is filled with endless treats.

Fun fact about Ham: He packed part of the Colorado Trail this past summer! He may be small, but he is very mighty.



Dexter was once a racehorse ... but wasn’t the fastest on the track! He is an 11-year-old Thoroughbred and found his way to the Backcountry this fall. Dexter is an attention hound and loves when he's on-deck to work with a kid.


Carly Steiger is the equine coordinator for the Backcountry Wilderness Area. Carly moved to Colorado in 2015, and is an avid animal and outdoors lover. When she’s not hiking or snowboarding, you can find her caring for her tribe of rescue animals.

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