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Gift Guide: Camp Backcountry

Trade the "toy of the year" for the summer of a lifetime.

The holiday giving season is here ... and so is the season to sign up for summer camp at Camp Backcountry. This year, we've made it just as easy to shop for the best week of your kid's summer (or, maybe year) as it is to pickup the trending toy off of Amazon.

But, choosing to "give" an experience like summer camp is so much more than crossing off the to-buy list this season—it's going to change your child's life.

A person's sense of who they are is guided by the experiences they live in their lifetime. When your child experiences an up-close-and-personal week in nature, they'll leave with a new sense of independence, a better understanding of their role in protecting the natural world, new friendships, and enough wild stories to last them until they're ready to tell their children their "Well, when I was a kid..." tales. In a time when instant gratification is at an all-time high, here are three reasons we know that giving the gift of summer camp at Camp Backcountry will be well worth the wait!

Get Out and See the (Natural) World

The world is vast and there are countless things to see, do, and learn. Start by letting them explore close to home.

At Camp Backcountry, your child will explore the natural world, play in the woods, see live animals up close, venture out on trail rides, hike to the top of peaks, and will learn about the wild world they live in.

True Happiness

Kids outgrow toys. The joy from "something" new wears off. Experiences provide a much deeper sense of happiness and satisfaction. Something that no material thing can provide. Something that cannot be thrown away. And those feelings of happiness last a very long time.

Memories that Last Forever

When you think back to your own childhood, what do you remember? Is it all of the toys you received for your birthdays and the holidays? Or is it the road trips, playing in the woods, going camping and roasting marshmallows over the campfire, fishing at the local stream, and going to summer camp?

Years and years down the road, your child won’t remember the toys they received, but they are sure to remember all of the traditions, inside jokes, friendship, laughter, and adventures taken at Camp Backcountry.


To give your child the gift of adventure this holiday season, register them starting December 1 for an unforgettable week at Camp Backcountry. Take advantage of early bird pricing from December 1 through January 31 with additional discounts from our Friends of the Backcountry nonprofit membership program.


AnnaKate Hein is the Backcountry Wilderness Area Programs Supervisor. She is a Georgia alum—once a dawg, always a dawg—where she was a member of the marching band and on the crew team. She worked for Save the Bay in Rhode Island before moving to Colorado. AnnaKate, her husband, and son can be found in the mountains or the desert chasing their next big adventure—mountain biking, skiing, hiking, climbing, camping, and, most notably, living the river rat life on their SUPs all summer.

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