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Quick Guide: Haunted Forest 2021

What could be scarier than a walk in the pitch-dark woods.

The gates of the Haunted Forest are getting ready to creak open. What waits for you inside, well ... you'll have to see for yourself. Below you'll find answers to all of our most-asked questions. Know before you go!

Nitty Gritty Details: Tickets are available on October 21 (Haunted Forest Jr., Thursday), October 22 (Friday), and October 23 (Saturday) in 30-minute increments from 6:30 - 9:30 p.m. We WILL sell out. The real nightmare will be if you don't get tickets.

Tickets: General Admission Tickets cost $13, Fast-Pass Tickets (skip to the front of the line in your designated time slot) cost $23. Print out your tickets with the barcodes and bring them with you. After you order your tickets online, click the ticket button on the screen once your transaction goes through. This will prompt you to print your tickets. Call 303-471-7020 if you have any ticket questions. All ticket sales are final and no refunds will be issued.

Location: The brave souls who wish to enter the Haunted Forest must first start at the Rocky Heights Middle School parking lot (11033 Monarch Blvd, Highlands Ranch, 80130). Enter the trail at RED X (see below), and follow the trail south to the community area. You'll get tickets checked and line up for the Haunted Forest within the community area.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can my eight-year-old go to the Haunted Forest? The real question is are you up for a round of nightmares? We recommend the Haunted Forest for people ages 10+. But, you know your kid better than we do. If they are a little thrillseeker, join us! If you are unsure, get tickets to the 6:30 p.m. timeslot when there is still a sliver of light in the sky. If they'd rather check out all of the spooky decor without the live scare actors, Haunted Forest Jr. is the perfect option.

Can I bring a flashlight or use my cellphone flashlight? No. Additional lights inside the Haunted Forest change the haunt for you, your group, other attendees, and our scarers. Just be brave.

What happens if I start the walk through the Haunted Forest and freeze in terror? If you are less than halfway through the Haunted Forest and absolutely can not go any further, ask for a staff member and they will guide you to an exit at the halfway mark. If you are beyond that point, you will have to finish the trail to escape.

Do I have to be a Highlands Ranch resident to buy tickets for the Haunted Forest? NO! Like most of the other Backcountry Wilderness Area programs and events, the Haunted Forest is open to the public.

Will there be tickets to purchase on-site? Don't chance it. If the event is sold out, there will be no on-site tickets available. If we do have tickets, they will be sold by credit cards only.

There is usually a community area with snacks and a movie. Is that happening this year? YES! Once you make it to the community area, there will be Hocus Pocus on the "big screen", local youth selling steaming hot cocoas, and Living the Dream Brewing Co. serving up its best brews. We'll also have a bunch of Backcountry Wilderness Area gear available including hoodies!

Can I volunteer to be a scarer in the Haunted Forest? What about helping out with the setup and takedown of the decor?

YES! We are able to run the Haunted Forest because so many of our community members are generous with their time. If you are looking for an opportunity to get involved, click here for information.

Where do the proceeds of the Haunted Forest go? All of the proceeds of the Haunted Forest benefit the Backcountry Conservation & Education Fund 501c3 nonprofit. Think of it as getting scared to benefit local wildlife habitat conservation and environmental education ... it's definitely worth it!

Have more questions? Email us!

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