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Spring Project: Tie-Dye a Snow Village

When spring starts with a wintry blast and March is the snowiest month in the Denver metro area, here's a project to take advantage of it.

Snow, especially good packing snow, is no reason to keep the kids inside. Below you'll find all the materials and instruction you need to build a rainbow-colored snow fort village, now all you need is a creative construction team!


Food coloring

Spray bottles (at least 3)

Sand toys (optional)

NOTE: Requires packable snow

What you do:

Prep Your Color: Fill 3 spray bottles with water, and put a few drops of food coloring into each one.

Dress for Snow: Get on all of your snow gear, and get outside! Don’t forget those waterproof gloves.

Build Your Snow Village: Using sand toys, or just by packing snow, create a little snow village. You can have snow-castles, snow people, snow roads and more…the snowy sky is your limit!

Color: Give your snow city some color with the spray bottles, and voila! You have your tie-dye snow village!

PRO TIP Color Mixology: Younger kids will love predicting what will happen when they mix their colors together! Have them make predictions about what will occur if they mix the colors together, and give them challenges to create (ex: grape purple, ocean blue, tangerine orange, etc.).


Tara is an Environmental Education Coordinator with the Backcountry Wilderness Area. She was born and raised in both North Carolina and Colorado (#halfnative) where she spent a lot of her childhood outside, and now as an “adult” she strives to provide opportunities for today’s kids to do the same!  When she’s not finding new adventures and trails to explore with her husband, little one, and friends, she’s probably taking pictures of her cat, (Chicken) Nugget Warrior Princess.

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