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What is a Friend of the Backcounty?

And ... how you can become one!

The Backcountry Wilderness Area’s ecosystem is a web. Wildlife, flora, the environment, and humans living and impacting one another. Just like any other relationship, each piece can use friends and allies. Enter the Friends of the Backcountry!

In 2017 when the Backcountry Conservation & Education Fund became a 501c3 nonprofit, we started looking for people who wanted a role directly supporting the mission of the nonprofit: to improve wildlife habitat, inspire the next generation of nature stewards, and ignite a lifelong love of the outdoors for all. Dollars matter, but equally important we want to build a strong, engaged community … our Friends.

Friends of the Backcountry is our annual, nonprofit membership program. By making an annual donation, starting from a $20 Bumblebee Membership up to our $1000 Mountain Lion membership, your donations fund conservation projects like wildfire mitigation and water resources for wildlife along with environmental education programs like the Future Conservationists Initiative.

These tax-deductible donations have perks beyond the warm, fuzzy feeling you get supporting local habitat conservation and environmental education. Depending on your level of support, you’ll enjoy Backcountry gear (hoodies, hats, t-shirts) and discounts on sessions of Camp Backcountry and other programs. YES … we said a CAMP BACKCOUNTRY discount!

Over the past five years, more than 700 people have made our mission a priority, many of funds who have been Friends of the Backcountry for five consecutive years! Becoming a Friend of the Backcountry means you support all of the wildlife you see pop in and out of #trailcamtuesday, local second graders receiving no-cost environmental education in their classrooms, and the ongoing effort to improve the unique 8,200-acre habitat in our community.

Can we call you our Friend? Visit for details!


Lindsey McKissick is the Outreach Coordinator for the Backcountry Wilderness Area. She is Colorado-born, Chicago-raised, and Wyoming-educated. For Lindsey, there is nothing better than waking up in a warm tent on the side of a remote river with coffee preferably made by someone else. You'll find Lindsey river rafting/SUPing, mountain biking, and camping with her husband and two adventure-seeking daughters.

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