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Backer Spotlight: Law Mother

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Meet a local business owner who directly supports local wildlife habitat conservation, environmental education, and responsible recreation in the Backcountry Wilderness Area.

The Backcountry Wilderness Area is an island of conservation that we’ve been entrusted to protect and conserve. The preserved natural resources—wildlife habitat, wildlife, open space—are important now, but they’ll be even more valuable for the next generation. As development continues near the boundaries of the Backcountry Wilderness Area, this 13-square-mile conservation property remains wild and taken care of due to conservation efforts and the generous support of our community.

Pam Maass Garrett, a Backcountry Backer corporate sponsor, is in the business of protecting valuable resources when it comes to your family at Law Mother. Law Mother is a law practice dedicated to families protecting their children and assets while building their legacy and creating wealth. When families make the decision to protect their families now, and for the future, they get to enjoy the day-to-day without leaving the future to the unknown.

We touched base with Pam to find out why she’s decided to focus her professional life on the protection of families and why being a supporter of the Backcountry Wilderness Area is important to her.

What is your business? Law Mother is an estate planning and asset protection law firm helping Colorado parents, real estate investors and business owners protect their assets and families. What does your business do for our community? We believe in protecting your family’s future so that you can enjoy peace of mind today. We prepare comprehensive wills, trusts, estate plans, and asset protection plans. To get started schedule a complimentary 15-minute call at or read or listen to a complimentary copy of our new bestselling book Legally Ever After at

Why do you love what you do? Recently a client told me she thought of me before she got on her flight for a business trip, she was so relieved that her family was protected no matter what. I love giving parents peace of mind. I love that our clients know that they have made the best decisions for them and that their plan will work when they need it most. What is your favorite thing to do outside? I love hiking with my dogs, husband, and daughter.

Why do you choose to Back the Backcountry through a sponsorship of the Backcountry Conservation & Education Fund? We choose to Back the Backcountry Conservation & Education Fund because we believe in the importance of conservation and education on wildlife for our community and for generations to come.

Check out when Law Mother's Pam Maass Garrett was recently featured on FOX31:


If you are interested in information about becoming a Backcountry Backer corporate sponsor, visit our website.

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