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One Thing is a'Changing

Horse Camp at Camp Backcountry is making one big change for Summer 2021.

The horse corrals are one of the busiest spots in the Backcountry Outdoor Center almost every day, all summer long. Our full-day, week-long Horse Camps at Camp Backcountry fill up fast (as early as March) and fully immerse kids into life with equine companions.

This year, there's a new horse group in town ... the Broncos. Not the football team, but rather a new age group specifically for 9-10 year-olds. We're adding the mid-age group to better educate our campers based on their skills and allow them to bond with kids closest to their own age.

Here are the age groups for Summer 2021:

● Buckaroos: Ages 7-8

● Broncos: Ages 9-10

● Mustangs: Ages 11-13

No matter which age group your camper falls into, there are five themes for the Summer 2021 plus Camp Kickoff Week to start the summer off right!

All you have to do is pick out which summer weeks work in your schedule and giddy up! Registration is open now for our best prices of the year until January 31!

Here are the Summer 2021 themes for Horse Camp:

Camp Kickoff Week: Start summer out right with Camp Kickoff Week at Camp Backcountry! Campers will get to learn a bit of everything during this three day week: Western, English, and trail riding.

Western Palooza: Camp Backcountry is getting Western! From Western horseback riding to learning the basics of Rodeo, this week is sure to be a blast. Campers will learn the barrel racing pattern, roping, and much more!

English Riders: Just because we live out west, doesn't mean your equestrian shouldn't try the English way at Camp Backcountry. Campers will improve balance and coordination in the saddle, practice jumping form, and develop into well-rounded riders.

Trail Blazers: Let’s hit the trails at Camp Backcountry! Campers will learn to ride in the arena, steer through obstacles, and learn horse safety before hitting the trail twice this week. This camp will focus on learning to master situations you may run into on the trail like wildlife encounters and equipment malfunctions. We'll also go hiking between our multiple days of trail riding!

Horsin’ Around: This week at Camp Backcountry will be full of learning about all things horses, including: horse breeds, anatomy, colors, health care, ground-work, and more! Campers will learn both Western and English riding.

Ranch Adventures: See what it takes to be a cowboy or cowgirl at Camp Backcountry! Campers will learn what ranching is all about by helping care for the horses, getting comfortable with western riding, going on a trail ride, and learning about all the different jobs that horses have on ranches!


If your family hasn't ever been to Horse Camp at Camp Backcountry, here are some frequently asked questions we get. If you have any further questions, check our details here or reach out to our Horse Camp Coordinator, Carly.

FAQs about Horse Camps:

Q: How often will my kid ride during camp?

A: Kids will participate in a daily group riding lesson while at camp. They will start to master all of the basics including how to balance, steer, stop, walk, and trot. They will also learn different specialties (ie. the barrel racing pattern, obstacle courses, trail riding, etc) depending on which theme they are signed up for.

Q: What will my kid do when they’re not riding?

A: At Camp Backcountry, we teach the kids to learn about horses from the ground up! They will learn horsemanship, horse safety, daily care, grooming, tacking, etc… There is so much more to horses than just riding, and we want our campers to experience it all!

Q: Is it all horses, all the time?

A: While horse camp is mainly interacting with, learning about, and riding horses ... it is still summer camp! Our campers get to play games, do crafts, and make lifelong friends (both two- and four-legged!)

Q: Why should I choose Camp Backcountry?

A: Our staff and our horses are trained so your kid has the time of their life while keeping safety as our top priority! Campers get to explore the Backcountry Wilderness Area and work with animals to spark a love of all things wild!


Carly Steiger is the equine coordinator for the Backcountry Wilderness Area. Carly moved to Colorado in 2015, and is an avid animal and outdoors lover. When she’s not hiking or snowboarding, you can find her caring for her tribe of rescue animals.

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